Mothers Day


My Blog is still in its infancy and it is very little, but I would love more people to come by, have a read to find out what I am up to and watch it grow. So I thought I'd have a little Giveaway, so more people get to know that I'm here.

Mini Floral Papercut

Mini Floral Papercut

If you didn't already know Mother's Day is coming up very soon, so I'm giving away a Mini Floral Papercut, a paper cut Birdie Brooch and a Mother's Day card.

All handmade and designed by me.

Papercut Birdie Brooch

Papercut Birdie Brooch

"Love" Mothers Day Card

"Love" Mothers Day Card

All you have to do to enter is:

1: Either subscribe to my Blog or follow on Bloglovin (click on the Bloglovin link or enter your email address to subscribe at the bottom of this Post).

2: Leave a comment on the Post and say Hi.

The winner will be selected at random by one of my ever so wonderful little helpers and will win 1: Mini Floral Papercut, 1: Papercut Birdie Brooch and 1: "Love" Mother's Day card.

The Giveaway will run from Sunday 1st March until Monday 9th March, when the winner will be announced. The items will be sent out next day in time to give to that special person.

The Giveaway is open worldwide.

Face Time

February half term and what do you do. Watch your two small boys scream and run amock around the house? Drown under large amounts of the tiny plastic stuff that is Lego?

Well I did those things, but we also did this. We made some funny faces for them to wear for Comic Relief.


Firstly, I bought some blank masks from the local craft supplies and covered them with white paper, so my boys could decorate them easily.


They then were able to decorate the masks, the table and themselves easily. Making something they could both wear and be proud of. We managed to waste a whole morning.


Now they are super ready to dress up for Comic Relief on 13th March. Glue their noses on and we have got two real funny faces.

Getting Knotted

I enjoyed doing my fist embroidery hoop piece so much that I decided almost immediately to make another piece. The embroidery hoop that I got was a much more substantial vintage hoop that would take a much larger image, so I was quite excited to get going.


I loved the frills which naturally occurred from stretching the paper, it already looked good, even without anything in it. I decided to keep the outside fairly plain otherwise as the image inside was going to be quite fancy.


I had done an initial sketch of a sleeping fox, but unlike normal I hadn't completely work out exactly how the pattern would work on each layer. Sometimes it's good to let pieces evolve.

Adding French Knots

Adding French Knots

The French Knots that I added around the frame were possibly the most difficult bit of making the piece. I tended to try and do these in the evening when my little ones were in bed. I needed total concentration and with them on half term break, jumping around the house, having fun      ( how dare they) I could just not do this. The light at night in our kitchen isn't great and we have Eco bulbs, so seeing to even thread the needle wasn't great, but I got there..... in the end.

Finished...she's a "Sleeping Beauty"

Finished...she's a "Sleeping Beauty"

I'm pretty happy with the way she turned out.


I'm really loving using embroidery hoops to put my work on. It makes me think of working in different ways and it is so nice to get away from always working rectangular or square.

I've got an oval next, lets see where that takes me.

What do I put on it ?

For Ella

I had made good progress this week with my orders, so I decided to make good use of my MollyMakes magazine to make a birthday present for my friends daughter Ella. There were some especially pretty papers inside as well as some other bits and pieces which were just perfect for a little girl.

MollyMakes magazine takes over the work space.

MollyMakes magazine takes over the work space.

It was really lovely to have a couple of hours to make something completely fun, without the pressure of it having to be absolutely perfect.

Pieces collected together.

Pieces collected together.


I eventually put all the pieces together to make a garland for Ella's bedroom. Wonderful what you can make with a bit of an imagination and a MollyMakes magazine to provide you with all the bits. A couple of hours and you can make something pretty, unusual and unique.

Happy Birthday Ella

All Yellow

After the bright, sunny, frosty days of the week before, last week turned out to be so grey and dull. Luckily I received a request for a Badger paper cut, so I sank myself into an All Yellow mood.


So good to be able to work with some happy colours. I can't wait until spring when these grey, dull days will finally come to an end. 


He's a happy Badger.

Hoop La

Ever stretched paper on an embroidery hoop? Well I thought I'd give it a go.


Thought I'd add some French Knots too, well it is an embroidery hoop.

The fox image built up nicely and really looked fantastic within the frame area.


Peeking out!

I will be definitely be making more embroidery hoop art, as it received some amazing feedback. Keep a look out for when they become available.