All Yellow

After the bright, sunny, frosty days of the week before, last week turned out to be so grey and dull. Luckily I received a request for a Badger paper cut, so I sank myself into an All Yellow mood.


So good to be able to work with some happy colours. I can't wait until spring when these grey, dull days will finally come to an end. 


He's a happy Badger.

Hoop La

Ever stretched paper on an embroidery hoop? Well I thought I'd give it a go.


Thought I'd add some French Knots too, well it is an embroidery hoop.

The fox image built up nicely and really looked fantastic within the frame area.


Peeking out!

I will be definitely be making more embroidery hoop art, as it received some amazing feedback. Keep a look out for when they become available.